Personal Training. Made easy.

Your Goal. Your Body. Our Passion.

At Fitness Lifestyle Personal Training is available to help our members achieve the results they’ve always wanted – whether that is lower blood pressure, weight loss, weight gain, or simply the benefit of working with a certified trainer who can motivate you to stay on track!
Our caring and friendly Personal Trainer’s want to see you improve the quality of your life. They are here to support you through your physical transformation knowing that benefits extend beyond the physical rewards. You will look and feel better than ever with increased energy, improved sleep and stress reduced. Whatever goals you have in mind, your Fitness Lifestyle Personal Trainer will help you make it happen.
Our Personal Trainers are 100% committed to helping you achieve far better results – 3 times faster than on your own! Regardless of shape, size, gender, age, ability or special needs.

How to Choose a Personal Trainer

Personal Training is an investment and not all Trainers are created equal. Make sure to do your homework by researching all fitness centres in your area and then ask questions about each facility’s personal training program (including cost, trainer certification process, and the company’s philosophy on Personal Training).

Beauty radiates from the inside. You can see it in our actions, our words, and our smile. So, no matter what size or shape you are it’s possible to be beautiful every day.
Feeling beautiful, though, can take a little more effort. Like any piece of fine machinery, our bodies take daily maintenance. They require proper fuel to function, and need to be moved to keep our parts running smoothly. Simply, healthy food and daily exercise are essential to feeling great. But, unlike machinery, the human body doesn’t arrive with a User Manual. It can be difficult to decide what’s healthy – especially when faced with so much conflicting information on the internet and in media. But, hiring a Personal Trainer can help you discover what to do and eat in order to reach your health goal – whether you want to prevent illness or injury, maintain mobility, lose those stubborn last 10 pounds, condition your body for a particular sport, or get in the best shape of your life.
The right trainer will support you through your physical transformation knowing that benefits extend beyond the physical rewards.

Once you feel satisfied that you’ve found a great fitness centre, here are 10 tips to choose the best Personal Trainer for YOU:

Look for a Personal Trainer with a recognized certification. If you have special needs (like mobility issues, injury rehabilitation, sport conditioning), ensure your Personal Trainer’s education and experience match your requirements.

1. Seek out a Personal Trainer who has worked with individuals with similar goals to yours before and had positive results.
2. Ask if the Personal Trainer has a testimonial binder they can show you – it will help to read what other clients have said about him or her.
3. Is the Personal Trainer being real with you? Are they realistic about the commitment & how long it will take you to achieve your goals, or are they promising a quick fix (which, by the way, doesn’t work!)?
4. Is the Personal Trainer helping you set SMART goals? (Specific, measureable, attainable, realistic, timely)?
5. Is the Personal Trainer talking about the importance of assessing you before building your programming so that it’s specific to your needs?
6. Is the Personal Trainer really listening to your needs and concerns?
7. Do you LIKE the Personal Trainer?
8. Is the Personal Trainer recommending ongoing training – are they committed to you and seeing you through your entire journey?
9. If you have a friend who’s seeing great results from using a Personal Trainer – ask for a name!

Fitness Lifestyle Wants to Know: If you have a Personal Trainer, what works / doesn’t work about your relationship?


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