Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance Training

Improve your athletic performance and fitness in a wide range of programs at FITNESS LIFESTYLE. Skill-specific training programs can help you increase your abilities and prevent injuries.

Personal Training for Fitness & Sports

If you’re new to conditioning or you want to take your fitness to a higher level, personal training can help. Work towards your goals in a specific sport or general improved fitness.

Individual & Group Training

Purchase personal training for groups of up to six athletes.

Certified Personal Trainers

You’ll partner with a certified personal trainer who will individualize your workouts to your unique needs and goals. Rely on your trainer to help you stay focused and use your time in the gym effectively.

Free First Session

If you’re a first-time client, take advantage of a complimentary personal training session.

Functional Movement Screen

During your first personal training session, you’ll have a functional movement screen. This is a test to check your current fitness levels.

Speed, Agility & Quickness Training

If you’re an athlete age 13 or older, attend a class that compliments strength training. This class can help you improve: - Change of direction - Lateral quickness - Reaction time - Sprint speed - Vertical jump

Youth Speed, Agility & Quickness Training

Open to athletes 10 to 12 years old, this program gives young athletes training for improved performance in a fun atmosphere. Learn the basic fundamentals of running, change of direction, jumping, and foot movement.

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